Installing and Using the Zendesk Integration Extension


This article covers installing and using the Zendesk Integration extension for Contact Form Ready


Once you’ve purchased the Zendesk Integration extension for Contact Form Ready and downloaded the plugin, you are ready to install the extension.  Go to WordPress Dashboard → Plugins → Add New.  Click on the Upload Plugin button.



Click the Choose File button and navigate to where you’ve stored the Zendesk Integration Extension zip file. Select the file and click the Open button.



Click the Install Now button.



Once the plugin has installed successfully click the Activate Plugin button.


Setup Zendesk Integration


Zendesk Account

You need an API key from your Zendesk account to integrate Contact Form Ready and Zendesk.

  • Go to your Zendesk account Admin page and click Channels then API.
  • Set Token Access to Enabled.
  • Unless you already have an API key you want to use, click the + sign to the far right of Active API Tokens.
  • Copy the generated API Token.
  • Click the Save button.



Contact Form Ready

Go to WordPress Dashboard → Contact Forms  → Settings and scroll down to Zendesk Integration. You’ll need to enter your Zendesk Username, the Zendesk API Key you copied from your Zendesk account, and your Zendesk URL. When you’ve entered all of these, scroll down and click the Save Settings button.



Form Settings

Either create a new form or open an existing form in the form editor. Click on the Zendesk Integration tab. Click to enable Send submitted form data to Zendesk.  If you have Organizations set up in your Zendesk account, then select an Assigned Organization from the drop-down box (if you want to assign an organization from here). Click the Publish or Update button as appropriate.




This article covered installing and using the Zendesk Integration extension for Contact Form Ready. If you need further assistance or are having other issues with the plugins, feel free to visit our Support Forum (on or use our Contact Form.