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Today marks the release date for Contact Form Ready, a simple and easy to use drag-and-drop contact form plugin for WordPress.

My name is Nick and I develop plugins for a living. I decided to build Contact Form Ready as I believe there is still room for a scalable and customizable contact form plugin on WordPress. Yes, there are a lot of plugins that do what Contact Form Ready does but my ultimate goal is to scale it to become a complete CRM system within WordPress, while still maintaining the simple appeal of the initial release.


Things you can expect to see in the next few months:

  • Storing messages, and the ability to reply within WordPress
  • Anti-spam integration
  • Contact form themes
  • The ability to insert an upload file field
  • Ability to insert Google Map field
  • Fully import/export contact forms
  • Ability to Export Contact Form submissions to CSV
  • Forms duplication
  • Conditional logic contact forms
  • CRM handling



If there is anything else you would like to see in the plugin, please contact me.

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  • Hello,
    Thank you for your free plugin! 🙂

    It’s pretty easy, but you should really add some guidance.. I really just can’t get CAPTCHA to work.

    Some multilingual support would also be nice! 🙂

    I have gone through the Google thing and got API keys, but it doesn’t show up on my site.

    When I click send I do get an error though:

    The reCAPTCHA wasn’t entered correctly. Please try sagain. Error: incorrect-captcha-sol

  • Dan Lajoie says:

    hey Nick, great tool. Just wondering, though, some of my fields are not spaced properly, example instead of fields being on separate lines they are on the same line with overflow. Is there any way to guarantee that each field has its own line instead of side-by-side? They are laid out properly in the form builder, but when previewed with WordPress 2014 it’s all jumbled. I have pasted the example link: . You can see how requested date, alternate date, and event time are jumbled together when each should be on its own line. thank you

  • Wendy Buie says:

    Hi Nick,

    This is my first attempt at building a website so here goes. I like the way you are thinking with CRM handling and ability to reply from my site rather than sorting through emails to find responses, life is too busy for that. Here goes and thank you.

  • Looking for a simple contact form plug-in to add to a new WordPress site. Hope I’ve found it!

  • For some reason I don’t receive emails send from the contact form.
    It must be something I do wrong.
    Any suggestions?

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